New to Grasshopper?

In this Grasshopper tutorial, I will teach you the grasshopper basics for beginners to advanced. First I will talk about the Grasshopper canvas and then I will teach you how you can use the grasshopper tools to produce a smooth mesh model.

Learn More about Remap

grasshopper tutorial graph mapper

In this grasshopper tutorial, I will explain about the Graph Mapper tool and how you can implement it in your design. First, we will learn how the Range tool can make data for Graph mapper and then we will use the graph mapper to change the distribution.

Learn More about Point Attractors

grasshopper tutorial attractor

Orient Direction is a tool which can perform 3 different transformations on geometry. You can Move, Rotate and Scale. In this example, I will show how you can do this by a point and a set of rectangles and use point attractor to change...

Learn More about Isotrim

grasshopper tutorial pipe variable

In this video tutorial I will explain how you can use Pipe variable and isotrim to produce a parametric surface. First we will use the pipe variable tool to produce a pipe which its radius changes at different locations and then we...

Learn More about Eval Surface

grasshopper tutorial

In this video tutorial, I will explain how you can extract a parametric point from a surface by using the evaluate surface tool. First I will explain the u,v point concept and then I will use a MD slider tool to extract a point from a surface.

Learn More about Data management

grasshopper tutorial tree path

In this tutorial, I will talk about the little icons you see when you right click on the component's input or output. These icons will help you manage your Data. We will cover flatten,graft,simplify in this video and show you how they work with some simple examples and learn how data management works!

Learn More about Kangaroo

kangaroo grasshopper tutorial

In this grasshopper tutorial, I will answer one of our YouTube channel users about the kangaroo plugin. First, we will talk about the basics of kangaroo Physics and then we will remodel a parametric tensile surface in kangaroo2.

Learn More about Weaverbird

weaverbird grasshopper tutorial

In this video tutorial, I will use three different plugins (Weaverbird, Cocoon, and Kangaroo) which will take your modeling to a whole new level! First, we will model our solid mesh with Cocoon and then we will refine the mesh with Kangaroo and at the end, we use weaverbird to give our mesh some power.

Learn More about Anemone

anemone grasshopper tutorial

In this anemone grasshopper tutorial, I will show you how you can use anemone to produce a simple hexagonal fractal in grasshopper. First I will use anemone to deconstruct a hexagon into its segments and then we will use the "point on curve" tool to extract ...