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In this Parametric Design Video, I'm going to explain the Voronoi DIagram based on a project located in Mexico which uses the Voronoi cells in the facade Design. First We will study the facade and how it's fabricated and then we will remodel something similar in Grasshopper.

In this parametric design video, we will have a review of the EKKO installation structure. First, we will take a look at the project and how it's made and then we will remodel it in Rhino Grasshopper.

In this Parametric Design & Modeling video I'm going to talk about the Mercedes Benz Stadium and how you can model it in Grasshopper. First we will study the mechanism and then we will remodel it in Grasshopper.

This is the first video in the "Parametric Modeling & Design" series. In this video, we will have a quick review of the Arboskin Project. First, we will talk about how the project has been made and look at some details. Then we will talk about a simple Grasshopper algorithm and how you can model the pyramid and slice it with a rotating plane.

Videos & projects

In this parametric design video a few Kinetic sculptures will show you the art of motion.

This parametric design video is about transforming nature into architectural movement using programming and sensors.

Latest captioned parametric design movie features modular structures designed by Ten Fold Engineering, which can be transported anywhere on a lorry and self-deployed at the touch of a button. Here are ten of the best including projects with sliding walls, kinetic facades and rotating houses.

This private astronomical observatory is located on a remote mountain summit in central New Hampshire. The site is characterized by granite outcroppings and is situated at the center of a three-mile radius “dark” landscape with very little light pollution to obstruct astronomical viewing. Gemma’s design rejects a traditional dome in favor of a synthesized architectural form

Architect Roberto Rossi has completed a house in northern Italy that can rotate 360 degrees. Balanced on a central pillar, the octagonal house can be mechanically rotated in both directions to give its owner varied views. The rotation is also used to direct the house's solar panels towards the sun.

Manuel Herz Architects has completed a housing block in Zurich, with dynamic facades that transform into balconies for its five apartments. On all four sides of the three-storey Ballet Mécanique, the walls on the two lowest levels are opened using

Articles & Thesis

This thesis asks if and how we can design spaces of everyday life that not only satisfy a basic thermal need but also encourage occupant participation in the shaping of microclimates, promote thermally-based social cohesion, and do so using only on passive means.

Curved beams along freeform skins pose many challenges, not least on the level of basic geometry. A prototypical instance of this is presented by the glass facades of the Eiffel tower pavilions, and the interrelation between the differential geometric properties of the glass surface on the one hand, and the layout of beams on the other hand.

This paper presents a methodology to assist design decisions regarding the building envelope shape considering its implications on energy performance.

This paper investigates the identification of the PV blinds’ optimal design parametersbased on a cost-benefit approach. A methodology, that encompasses thermal comfort, visual comfort,and energy savings requirements while resolving the conflicting issues resulting from the fulfillment ofthese requirements, is highlighted.

This thesis deals with the development of a tool intended for automatic optimization of point support distribution for plate and shell structures. In an architectural context point supported plate or shell constellations are typically represented by doubly-spanning, in situ concrete systems carried by columns.

In this research thesis you can learn about parametric design and robotic construction through a few projects like: Pre-fabricated house, Façade prototype, 3d extruded structures, Trauma center and Innsbruck pavilions.

Universities & Books

Advancing Wood Architecture offers a comprehensive overview of the new architectural possibilities that are enabled by cutting-edge computational technologies in wood construction.

Architecture in Space is entering a new era. It is over 40 years now since the late Neil Armstrong became ...

The Institute for Computational Design and Construction (ICD) is dedicated to the teaching and research of computational design and computer-aided manufacturing processes in architecture.

This book discusses analytical tools for designing energy efficient and lightweight structures that embody the concept of tensegrity. The book provides both static and dynamic analysis of special tensegrity structural concepts,

A mixture of algorithms, robots, software, and avatars, is transforming all types of jobs and industries. This book responds to one critical question for the design and construction industry: "how are architects, engineers, and contractors using information technology to further automate their practices?"

Today, with the advent of digital media technologies and the ability to conceptualize, express and produce complex forms using digital means, the question of the