In this course, you will learn how to design parametrically with Rhino Grasshopper( from beginner to advanced). The tutorials will start with Rhino and Grasshopper basics and then you will learn how to use several techniques to master Parametric Design. If you have any questions about this course you can ask via the blue chat icon. Those who take this course can ask their questions or attach their files in each lesson and the tutor will answer them asap!

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Intersection Sectioning


Multiple Sections , One Path


One section,One path

Latest Free Rhino Grasshopper tutorials

In this Grasshopper Galapagos Tutorial I will show you the basics of the Galapagos tool in Grasshopper. First I will show you a simple example which I will optimize a bounding box for a solid and then I will show you the steps for data visualization.

In this Grasshopper tutorial, I will model a parametric bench by using three different sections and a curve as the bench's rail. First I will orient the sections on the rail and then I will sweep to produce the results. In the end, we will make the sections with per frames.

In this Rhino tutorial, I will show you how you can easily model the absolute towers with simply modeling the first floor and then making the tower with the Polar array tool. First, we model a cylinder and then we make the roof and finally the windows.

In this Rhino tutorial, I will show you how you can model the 2000 Japan Pavilion (by Shigeru Ban) with Rhino. First, we will make a parametric surface with record history and then we will make the pipes by contour.

Latest grasshopper definitions

By using this grasshopper definition You can easily produce a parametric bench based on two or more sections and a single path. Simply define the inputs and the section solids of the bench will be produced. You can then use the curve sections to produce the bench.

By using this grasshopper definition You can easily produce Voronoi cells on any NURBS surface. You can first choose your surface and then assign the scaling factor to scale the cells. By giving a thickness you can make a solid result.

Latest laser cut designs

This definition will help you produce dxf files for laser cutting for a parametric lamp. You can change the height of the lamp, the number of ribs, ribs width or thickness and then orient the sections on the XY plane for laser cutting.

Latest Parametric Design Videos

This parametric design video is about reaction-diffusion. Reaction-diffusion (RD) is a canonical example of complex behavior that emerges from a simple set of rules. RD models a set of substances that are diffusing, or spreading; these substances also react with one another to create new substances.

In this parametric design video you can see that Hyphae is a collection of 3D printed artifacts constructed of rhizome-like networks. Inspired by the vein structures that carry fluids through organisms from the leaves of plants to our own circulatory systems, we created a simulation which uses physical growth principles to build sculptural, organic structures.

This parametric design video is about Cell Cycle: a generative product design application. You can interact with a physics simulation of spring meshes to design your own cellular rings and bracelets for manufacture by 3d printing.

In this parametric video you can learn more about generative design. What if instead of using the computer to draw what you already know, you could tell the computer what you want to accomplish?