Advanced) Geo. & Math

Overview of this section

In this section, we will cover video tutorials which are related to geometry or mathematics. These videos will give you a foundation for modeling mathematical surfaces, geometrical models and related subjects.

Mathematical Surfaces

In this “ultimate package” grasshopper tutorial I will explain about two different techniques to model mathematical surfaces: Isomesh & Parametric. First I will explain how you can model the Isomesh surfaces in Grasshopper with the Monolith plugin and then I will Model the parametric surfaces with mathematical equations.

40 Minutes

150 MB

Smooth Mesh #1

In this Grasshopper lesson, I will talk about a technique you can use to produce smooth meshes. This tutorial will be the first for the smooth mesh series and can help you produce organic patterns.

11 Minutes

56  MB

Bridging Meshes

In this Grasshopper course lesson, we will combine plugins to produce bridges between meshes. First, we will produce the base meshes and then study how we can define the bridging between the faces.

22 Minutes

114  MB

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