Definition) Accessories

Overview of this section

In this section, you can access definitions which are related to the design of parametric panels and patterns. By using these definitions you can easily produce parametric models.

Roundsquare Clock

In this grasshopper tutorial, I will model the RoundSquare Clock designed by Žiga Gorjup and show you how you can model the curves. First I will explain the steps you should take to produce the curves and then I will model the center hole of the clock.

More info about the RoundSquare Clock 

26 Minutes

113 MB

Lamp L33

This definition will help you produce dxf files for laser cutting for a parametric lamp. You can change the height of the lamp, the number of ribs, ribs width or thickness and then orient the sections on the XY plane for laser cutting

lasercut files

Waffle Shelf

In this video, I will show you how you can use the Parametric Waffle shelf #1 in Grasshopper and produce the sections for Laser cutting or CNC Milling
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