Basics)Attractor Techniques

Overview of the lessons related to this section

In This Section, we will first cover the Basics of Grasshopper and then study the different ways you can use attractors in your Design as the first step of entering Grasshopper.

Basics of Grasshopper

grasshopper tutorial

In this Grasshopper tutorial, I will be talking about how you can make a button for launching Grasshopper and how to get ready for the course. We will dive into the basics of grasshopper interface and data management

20 Minutes

72 MB

Single Point Attractor

grasshopper tutorial

In this Video tutorial, you will learn how to use a single point attractor in your design. By understanding the concepts you can get ready for more complicated attractors and how to control them in next tutorials.

38 Minutes

155 MB

Multiple Attractor Points

In this Grasshopper tutorial, we will understand what happens when we use two or more points as an attractor and how it affects our grid of points.

20 Minutes

80 MB

Parametric Point

In this Grasshopper tutorial, I will teach you how to define a parametric point in grasshopper and use it to design a framed facade. First we will find the distance between the attractor and the points and then we will define the extrusion

30 Minutes

80 MB

Single Curve Attractor

In this grasshopper tutorial i will use a curve as an attractor and use it to deform a surface. You will learn how to define the distance between a set of point and a single curve.

20 Minutes

66 MB

Parametric Curve Attractor

In this video tutorial, I will explain how you can use u,v coordinate system to produce a parametric curve on a surface and use it as an attractor to affect the frames of triangular panels.

20 Minutes

60 MB

Multiple Curves

In this grasshopper lesson, we will learn how to use a set of curves for attraction. You will learn how to use advanced grasshopper techniques to analyze the distance between the point grids and the attractors.

15 Minutes

44 MB

Image Attractor

In this video tutorial, I will explain how to use image sampler to produce a complex form based on an image in grasshopper. The image sampler tool will use u,v point mapping to extract the brightness and we can use it to manipulate geometry.

Image Sampler

27 Minutes

84 MB

Based on height

In this grasshopper tutorial, I will model a facade louver system based on scaling. First I will divide the facade into louvers and then I will extract the lines and scale them based on the height of the surface. then we will remodel the louvers with another technique and use point attractor and image attractor to affect the facade.

30 Minutes

124 MB

Based on colour

In this tutorial, I will explain how you can use Gradient to color a set of panels based on their height.

12 Minutes

70 MB

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