2- WaffleShelf

In this video, I will show you how you can use the Parametric Waffle shelf #1 in Grasshopper and produce the sections for Laser cutting or CNC Milling

Only Grasshopper Course members can download the example files and tutorials. 


  • cfeldman

    Excuse me for my criticism, but here there only seems to be a ‘Video’/5 minutes- that is abruptly interrupted, and a Definition to make a ‘Waffle structure’, but from a cluster.
    It does not seem like the best way to understand the explanation of how to create that structure.
    (The cluster has been done previously, although one could open it and see what’s inside, it’s another thing, a course where you explain how to create those waffle structures.
    (There were certain ‘pluggins-or scripts’, but it has changed from Rhino-version to Rhino-version, almost, there are new processes to reach it, but in this chapter, … it seems to me that there is no clear explanation of it.
    Can you complete this ?
    —yes, there are a lot of information in internet over that, but here, you offer a course , or not ?–